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Super Spring Session Sale!

Now through the Vernal Equinox March 19 2020 Sessions only $250.

Welcome!  It’s a true pleasure to get to know you and your baby or babies. It’s an honor to witness and support your unique journey, ups and downs and all.

Current live events and classes are posted on this site, please check the Classes and Events section. New classes will be added over the next weeks and months. To receive updates, please download the PDF and/or fill out the questionnaire to get on an email list to receive updates.

What do you want and need? Would you like to talk?

If …

…you are looking for support for your journey to motherhood and

….you feel curiosity or kinship with this website

…you might be interested in privates or deeper learning and connection with me

…you sense it might be wonderful to connect and bond with other women like you with evolutionary babies,

…then please consider signing up for a brief chat with me.

For a few months am offering free 1:1 Zoom meetings to get to know you and hear what you need. In alignment with divine order and all involved, I will factor your needs and desires into my structuring of the next group programs. This free chat is a pathway into my private practice at this time.

If you want to share your story or explore working together then please fill out my questionnaire. After I receive your questionnaire I will send you a link to schedule. I will review your questionnaire prior to meeting with you and if there are any resources I currently have that may help I’ll point you to those as well while we are on Zoom together.

Private Sessions?

If you are interested in private sessions, there are two pathways into my practice.

  1. Schedule your 1:1 Zoom and we will see if it is a fit for us both.
  2. Complete the Foundations course and receive access to book private sessions.

What programs do you offer?

We recommend any of our pre-conception courses as soon as you know you want to be a mom! Don’t wait. The shifts you may need to undergo can take time to complete. Everyone is different and there are so many factors involved but I have witnessed instant shifts and processes over two years – both with the desired result of a healthy pregnancy and child. Just, don’t wait! Our programs will prepare you so that when you are ready you can be a match for your baby.

It’s also never too late. If you are already pregnant but have experienced miscarriages in the past and you want to stabilize and make sure you are a match for your baby, our classes, privates and other resources may help.

What if you are ambivalent? Our courses and programs will provide you with the opportunity to become very clear that you do or do not want to be a mom or help you determine just how much longer you want to keep trying if you’ve been struggling.


In collaboration with women who recently showed up for private 1:1 Zoom chats with me, the guides and I created our Foundations course which is now a self-study product. This course serves as a pre-requisite for the following programs as well as advanced live classes. Read more and sign up for Foundations now.

A Clear Path to Motherhood

The guides and I created a program called A Clear Path to Motherhood. Originally offered live, this program may be offered soon as self-study. This program creates tangible shifts for you on your journey to Motherhood as well as being comprehensive education about your evolutionary babies and what it means for your own growth and evolution.

This program is designed to support you in your pre-conception and early pregnancy phases and to help you and your baby come together healthy and whole in divine timing. Foundations for Motherhood will be a pre-requisite for this course going forward.

Gestation Group

Gestation group is awesome. It’s a group of women consciously creating their family, from pre-conception through their pregnancy and birth (and welcome to stay beyond that time).

Graduates of Foundations are eligible to join this group.

One of the remarkable things about this group is that by being together across any number of stages and experiences on a woman’s journey to motherhood, there forms a matrix of support, compassion, and strength born from witnessing and walking together. It’s indescribable. For many women, Gestation was the key ingredient to supply the faith, courage, and stamina they needed to create their family.

What do you recommend for self-study?

Foundations is now available as a self-study program. With that group you will be invited to join a closed facebook group to engage with others who are also working with the material. If groups are not your thing, then know that I have created a lot of resources for you so that you can receive support in lieu of opportunities to work directly with me. In addition to Foundations, here are resources that have benefitted women like you over the years:

  1. Go download the free PDF I created for you.  Especially if you are ambivalent or have experienced a lot of challenges so far and are doubting yourself, this is useful. It reveals one of the key principles gleaned over many years working with women as they created their family. I reveal one of the key differences between women who successfully created their family and those who did not.
  2. Fill out the survey that follows. This will allow me to send you extra information according to your specific needs. For example, if you’ve had a miscarriage I can send you extra support about that. If you are adopting, I can send you extra info about that. You don’t have your partner yet? I’ll address that for you. I don’t want to send you stuff that isn’t relevant for you. So fill out the survey to get the best information.
  3. Read and digest the blog articles in your own rhythm. There is a lot here and when I write I write in collaboration and connection with my guides, with the babies, and with you in mind. There are transmissions in all of it, as well as information that will help you come into alignment with what you desire.
  4. Listen to the podcast.
  5. Work with the free meditation you receive from me in your second week after downloading the PDF. You can work with this meditation every single day if you wish. You can lie down and fall asleep while you listen, or any way you wish.
  6. I’m going to recommend some of our available online digital products that have helped others. See if any of these resonate for you:
    1. Claiming Motherhood MP3
    2. An essential prep for everyone. Boundaries, Discernment and Being Source.  If this doesn’t make sense to you, it will once you have read the emails you will receive after downloading your PDF. (GO download it).
    3. If you have had a miscarriage or other devastating losses, and you feel you are grieving, very sad, having a hard time with your emotions: Melt Away Your Sadness
    4. If you don’t have your partner yet, or are having struggles in your relationship: Mend Your Heart Open to Love
    5. One of the courses that the Motherhood program women worked with a lot and loved: Forgiveness Course.
  7. If you have had a miscarriage or other loss of baby, when you are ready (don’t push yourself), work with the ritual for letting go and read the post on ghost babies.
  8. If you do want to join some of our groups, all of this is great preparation and supplemental support.
  9. TRUST, enjoy, breathe and take exceptionally good care of yourself. Know that you are loved and supported.


Our Vibrational Child clients are amazing women, who have overcome major obstacles and achieved their dreams.
Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • Once I met Alaya and learned what she did I was immediately intrigued and knew I wanted to work with her. My husband and I had been trying for children for awhile. I had had several miscarriages and was open to learning how to connect with the beautiful soul of a child that I knew was waiting for us to get ready for her! Working with Alaya helped me to stay steady with my own inner knowing about becoming a mom. Alaya's connection with me and the guides laid the groundwork for meeting our daughter before she was even here. It was all so magical and so real. Working with Alaya helped me to expand my heart, my energy, and my life for my daughter. I am so grateful for the space she provided to allow that to happen.

    Danay, New York
  • I never thought I would find myself having a baby on my own!  It definitely was not the idea I had for my life; but what a sweet happy surprise to find my life now on the other side of it!!  It was an up hill battle, the hardest thing I have ever done. With being single, and all the fertility doctors telling me I had little to no chance of ever having a baby, the increasing financial burden of each IVF and miscarriages, I was often on the floor feeling alone and hopeless. Without Alaya I am not sure I would have the greatest blessing of my life, my Oliver.  She calmed me down and reassured me that he was indeed on his way. And, his very big unique personality is so much how she described.  I am forever grateful and blessed to have found her.  She is a blessing to every mom to be out there.

    Edie, Los Angeles
  • I knew I needed to work with Alaya even before I was pregnant. I had a sense that my kid had A LOT of energy and perhaps that meant I needed help expanding to be her mom. I got to meet her as a baby spirit with the help of Alaya and the guides and it was incredible to get a sense of who she was before I met her in person and be introduced to her before I was even pregnant! I think about her strong personality before she was born and how she's so much the same now. It's such a gift to know her like no one else, besides Alaya 🙂 does. I can parent her in a complete way that may really help her someday. But to back track a bit, I was very physically sick during most of my pregnancy and while there was a piece of that which was purely biological I also knew that my body was reacting to the new energetic component of connecting with our baby's big energy. I worked with Alaya every 5-6 weeks for months to help my systems integrate and expand to hold my pregnancy. I could not have navigated pregnancy without her. I'm so grateful for the help her and her guides provided for me and my family.

    Sara, Santa Monica
  • I first had a phone session with Alaya after having five failed IVF attempts in one year, including one miscarriage. My husband and I was still very much wanted a baby and were considering doing one last IVF attempt using an egg donor in a distant foreign country where we had never been, however all of the prior failed attempts had taken an emotional toll on me. I was hoping for some guidance and that is exactly what I got from Alaya.  She was very kind and compassionate about what I had been through. She was also very reassuring and supportive of me making another attempt at getting pregnant.  During our call, Alaya spoke in her own voice but was actually "channeling" the words of a spirit named Oshira, who gave me very specific information. It was during this session that I realized that my maternal grandmother, who I had never met, was actually from the country where we were going to do the IVF.  While Oshira gave no guarantees on the outcome, I came away feeling more positive that our plan made sense. Well, I am very happy to report that this IVF was successful!  I am now six months pregnant with a baby girl. I am so grateful to Alaya for giving me such amazing insight, which gave me the strength and confidence to go forward with our plan.  Her help has been invaluable to me!

    M.O., San Francisco
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