Connect with My Future Self

How can you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you hope to be as a mom?

Do you feel your child’s spirit around you and want to navigate becoming a mom consciously?

This class will be a fun exploration in collaboration with your soul, guides and future self to activate higher paths and illuminate the pathway between here and yourself as a mom.** Receive guidance from your future self.

  • The live version of this class is complete. The content is being transformed into a self-study product. If you purchase the Foundations Class Package, you will receive the class transmission recordings to work with and any self-study materials, but will not receive the live class video.

Cost: $100

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Click here to prepare for this session, and to explore this topic on your own.

**This is not a guarantee that you are going to be a mom. It’s an opportunity to activate higher potentials that are in alignment with your own greatest good and help smooth the path between here and there. And if it is part of your divine plan to be a mom, then you’ll have the opportunity to energize that pathway and learn more about it.


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