Foundations for Motherhood

Taken together, our beginning classes comprise an essential foundation to co-create your family. Each of these pieces will address a different aspect of your relationship to Self, to the Divine and to your baby or baby beings preconception or pre-adoption/pre-surrogacy. Through these classes you will have the opportunity to establish a conscious and dynamic bond with your (potential and future) child’s soul and spirit. You’ll have the opportunity to prepare your own system, body, mind, emotions and beyond to step into all that motherhood will be for you.

Depending on when you sign up, you will be able to take some or all of these classes live with Alaya. After that, they will be offered as digital download products that you can use as self-study.

If you sign up mid-program, that is fine. You may attend the remaining classes live and receive the product version as soon as it is available. If you sign up for the live class, you may participate remotely in your own time. All classes are offered via Zoom video. You will receive the live class video and recordings to study and receive in your own timing. If you sign up before class is offered, you and your babies will be included in the live class and the transmissions and content will be tailored to you.

The live videos will not be recorded in the product version, in order to create a safe environment and honor the privacy of those in attendance and the intimate nature of content shared and discussed.

Included in Foundations For Motherhood

(Recorded or live versions, depending on when you register).

  • Connect with My Baby (Class mp3s and homework)
  • Connect with My Future Self (Class mp3s and homework)
  • Preparing to Receive (Class mp3s and homework)
  • Discernment (Class mp3s and homework)
  • Bonus Live Q&A – September 29th 2019

Cost: $500

Cost is a savings of $100 off taking the courses individually, plus the Live Q&A SEPT 29th  (depending on when you register you will participate live or receive a digital version, privacy protected).

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My anxiety has completely gone which is a godsend in itself. I know that my fertility journey is part of a process which I accept and embrace having learned so much through it. Baby isn’t here yet. But I trust that he will come when the timing is right. I am finally at peace with this experience having suffered for years watching other women get pregnant and have their babies.

I know my baby and I love his energy. He guides me and I have been bathing in his energy for a while now. He is a special soul and I can’t wait to hold him. Before the class I was desperate to have any old baby. Now I can see how important it is to make this choice. Not knowing who is coming in seems strange to me now.

Thank you for supporting us in our journey of conception! ’m now 16 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy so far has been going without a hitch! We had been trying to conceive for over 2 years. I had had 2 miscarriages at 10 weeks, in November and May prior to this meditation. I knew there were baby beings around us, I just couldn’t figure out how to connect to them. Through these meditations and some self reflection and surrender, we got to a very happy place in a very short time.


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