Foundations for Group Work and World Service – Self-Study Course

This course will be a deep dive as well as an indoctrination into your next phase on your journey. For you it may be an initiation into a new phase or support for clearing and stabilizing the phase you have already embarked upon, regarding your life’s work and world service. Note: This course is not focused on creating a family or baby beings. It is a course focused on your empowerment and leadership. Stepping into your own magnificence is magnetic to the evolutionary kids in my experience. And often, a big bright evolved soul calls you into your own power and purpose quite strongly

Course Content Brief Overview

  1. A direct experience of your energy body and boundary.

  2. A direct experience of being and staying centered in your energy body, in your boundary, connecting stably with groups and with others including those you are here to serve. Noticing ways you leave your body or center in your learned or habitual ways of connecting.

  3. Understanding some of the mechanics, experiencing and getting to the root of some of the ways you leave your center, tracing back some of the cords or attachments that attract the dramas, pain and suffering of your life. Fully releasing one or more or beginning to do so. Learning one process to do this anytime you want.

    *Understand that until you free yourself, you may hold back on your full power and visibility, knowing that you will attract more of the same until you are complete with it.

  4. A direct experience of I AM presence. The immense space that you are, stable, sovereign, embodied with great boundaries.
  5. Self-worth, your team of guides, manifestation
  6. Your contribution, your role. Your vision of High Earth.
  7. Being and Becoming. Readiness. Understanding your current spot and the path that you are on, in the context of your BIG vision and knowing.

Who this is for:

You feel called into your next storyline on your journey of self-expression, fulfillment, and/or service. You may be in transition, in a process of completion, feeling stagnant, unfocused or just chomping at the bit to move forward. You are a teacher, leader, healer in practice or in your knowing. Your leadership may be visible and in form as a healer, corporate executive, community leader, teacher, parent or in some other way. OR your leadership may be between you and your God or Goddess, your relationship with the Divine as it flows through you. The form is not important. It is your commitment and knowing who you are and calling to step into your role more powerfully, unencumbered and free, supported in the energy and by our beloved Earth, Universe, etc. Ultimately if this is for you, you will feel magnetically drawn and know in your unique way of knowing that it’s yours.


  • Please tune into whether this course is for you. If you feel magnetically drawn, that is a very good sign. If so, take a moment to consider the following:
  • It may feel intense as you delve into the layers and aspects of yourself, subconscious and soul level and beyond. Are you ready for that? Can you digest this in a balanced way?
  • For self-study, it is very important to be self-responsible about your process. This includes self-care needs for rest, nourishment, bodywork, journaling or talking with another as a means of integration and digestion, exercise, time alone, etc. There is the potential for very deep shifts and you are responsible to go at your own pace and reach out for extra support if and when you need it.

Thank you.


7 module self-study video and audio course.

Private Facebook group.

Investment $500

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