For Men Only

You long to be a dad and maybe even feel the pressure or presence of a child, the possibility of that child, images of a little girl or a little boy. Maybe they come to you in your dreams.

And yet you are dependent on relationships and soul agreements- not only with a child’s soul– in order to create a family. You either need a female co-creative partner, or you need a birth mother and surrogacy or adoption resources and support.

In this class we will explore these topics and others including:

  • Be the constant presence of your version of Divine Masculine for your partner, so that she may surrender into her Divine Feminine.
  • Update and clear your paternal lineage, so that you and your child are free from patterns and beliefs that no longer are relevant for surviving or thriving on earth at this time.
  • Connect and bond with your child’s soul
  • Explore soul agreements with your child or children and the other souls involved
  • Initiation into fatherhood. In times past, boys returned as men after a rite of passage, and then were considered men, available for marriage and fatherhood. In our culture, we lack support for this transition. We will explore this together in this class.

Men only.

2 sesssions


Dates TBA

Please inquire if interested. If the class is not yet scheduled, I will schedule this when 3 or more are ready. Feel free to book a 1:1 Zoom to discuss or email me:

Level 1 class, no pre-requisites


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