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We live in a sea of energy and are influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others. We get messages all the time from our body, from unhealed parts of ourself, from well-meaning friends and family members, from professionals, and from our guides, higher self, and soul.

  •  Are you able to discern the difference and know where your messages come from?
  • Do you have a reliable method for making choices or discerning the highest path for you and your child?
  • Are you confident in your decisions when the stakes are high and personal?
  • Can you tell when to take action and when to calm yourself and wait?
  • Can you tell the difference between your higher self or soul’s signature and your baby’s?

Trusting yourself and knowing the highest path to take can be challenging at any time. When the stakes are high and when emotions are involved it can be even more difficult. This can cause anxiety. And when you are anxious or stressed, your ability to discern and make good choices may be compromised. It begins a loop. You know you aren’t centered, but you have to decide, and yet you aren’t connected with your core stably enough to feel confident or clear.

In this group session, we will explore these topics and more.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Have a direct experience of your soul and sense, see, feel, perceive your unique soul signature
  • Have a direct experience of your baby’s soul and notice the difference between your signature and your baby’s.
  • Sense the way other people’s thoughts and projections influence you and begin to tease these messages out from your own higher guidance and discern the difference
  • Learn some techniques for discernment including working with a pendulum
  • Gain confidence and build trust in yourself so that when you have to make a high-stakes or quick decision for yourself or for your child, you have an established baseline.


BONUS: Includes MP3 Boundaries, Discernment, Being Source.

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