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You share an energy body and a root chakra with your baby during and after pregnancy.

Did you know that you actually share an energy body before and during pregnancy, and that after you give birth you continue to share this to some degree. The way it looks to me is that you are sharing a root chakra, often until you stop breastfeeding or for the first 6-9 months or so.

What does this mean?

It means that you have tremendous responsibility and co-creative freedom when it comes to nurturing your child and setting him up for the journey of his life. You are the one with the most impact the patterns that develop in the emotional body, the one with the greatest power to soothe him simply by calming yourself and getting your own energy flowing.

It means that you are her model for embodiment. The way that you organize your energy as a human being of light will be the template your child first encounters and the one to which she entrains.

Support your system with the following core process:

Acclimating to Your Baby’s Energy Signature
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