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No Competition

Are you in a competition to be a mom? With whom? Who wins? Competition. It’s pervasive. Insidious. In American culture, competition is in everything: political campaigns, media and who gets [...]

New Paradigm Being

New Paradigm Being The baby you have attracted is likely a big energy being, an old soul, a new-paradigm being.  If you found my website and are resonating with this blog or podcast, then this is [...]

When should you start?

When should you start actively navigating your journey to Motherhood? For many women, having a baby or trying to can feel like a marathon triathlon.  Sometimes women who find their way to me are [...]

Self as Source is Key

Self as Source is Key Over the years I have attempted to write a book covering all of the aspects of what I have learned in my practice about what has worked for women seeking to create their [...]

Handling Ambivalence

Many women are crystal clear they are going to become a mom. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does, whether or not they have a partner, a successful career, enough money, how old [...]

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