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In this episode Alaya shares the phases of energetic connection that precede conception,  and common blocks that may interfere with fertility.

The first two phases can be established for years or only moments before conception, and the final one seems to happen closer to the actual conception, within 0-6 months.

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  • Sasha

    I absolutely love your voice and authenticity. What’s so heart opening is that you are so humble with the work that you do. I’m really drawn to that. <3

    • Alaya

      Thank you Sasha! That means the world to me. Did you get to listen to the free call we did yesterday? If you are in the getting pregnant realm please go check it out, it’s a free mp3 call and meditation to connect with your baby. 🙂 Right now there is a pop-up on the home page where you can get it. I’m figuring out how to add it here too. Best to you. (Sorry it took me so long to reply!)

  • Domenica

    Dear Alaya,
    The first thing i noticed in your video was also that i could see in your eyes that you were genuine, not at all fake and i get a really good vibe from you.
    Im 41 and have had 1abortion due to complications and 1 miscarriage. I am now on an almost zero fertility phase but still have my period. Worried that could also be in a premature premenopause phase. would love to have a chat with you so maybe you could give me your opinion as to whether i could benefit from a program of yours that would help me conceive and have a dream has always been to start a family of my own.even went for ivf and doctors said only one egg a month that dont seem to be good quality eggs. They said i should go for a donor egg because the chances that i have my own baby are few. I dont want to give up.i want my own baby if possible. That is why im looking for your help… thanks and i look forward to hearing from you soon…

    • Alaya

      Hi Sweet Domenica,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am shy to make videos, so I appreciate your comment so much.
      I completely understand your concerns. Don’t give up. I am going to post a blog for you that was scheduled for next week, I hope it helps. We can do a private session if that feels right to you but please read my about section first.

      What I recommend is that you work with the inexpensive products first before investing in a private session. If you listen to each recording at least 3 times, you will know if a private is going to help and also will be primed to receive the maximum benefit from the private session. Does that make sense? There are also some inexpensive resources on my website and often the Melt Away Your Sadness mp3 is useful for healing from loss and the Making Soul Choices one is lighting up for you. They are under $10.

      The post I’m going to publish for you is called Motherhood No Matter What and I think it will really resonate for you. Let me know.

      Hang in there! I hope this helps.


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