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In this episode, Alaya discusses Ancestral Karma and DNA. Did you know that many of these baby souls won’t come until this piece is handled? It’s a big deal. Simply dealt with, and with huge implications for the evolution of our species.

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  • Caroline

    Hi Alaya,

    A healer which I have been working with suggested this for me. Do you have any recommendations on this topic? Thanks

    • Alaya

      Hi Caroline, yes. I recommend this for anyone wishing to conceive or even during pregnancy. Have you listened to the class and meditation on this topic yet? That is the first thing I would recommend. You can download that to a playlist and listen to it as often as you feel you need it. During private sessions I’ll often check with my pendulum how many times someone needs to do this process. You can listen to the talk one time if you like, it’s the meditation that has transmissions that will actually help you release these patterns that you might need more than one time. I hope that helps. Let me know. You can get it under the products tab, Please thank your healer for sharing this with you. Cheers and love to you, Alaya

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