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Years ago a nurse-midwife told me that the highest rates of unplanned pregnancies happen in the teens and surprisingly, for women in their 40’s. There is so much emphasis on infertility and dropping fertility rates as women move into their late thirties and early 40’s, but not as much talk about the surge in fertility that can happen as our hormones once again become a bit whacky as we move into the next big transition and life phase away from our reproductive prime.

If you didn’t expect that you were fertile at all or at a particular phase in your cycle and find yourself pregnant, what do you do? You may already have children or already have chosen to not have them. You may feel elated, you may feel a mix of things…fear, dread, exhilaration, joy, ambivalence.

So what do you do?

My recommendation is to connect with the soul and get some information. Begin having a dialogue with this soul. It is 100% OK to bond with this being even if you aren’t decided about the outcome. You can do this however you like, and if you don’t already have it, can download our free connect with your baby meditation that you get on this website.

You can be curious. With a connection you can ask questions including…

  1. Why are you here?
  2. Why are you here now?
  3. What is your Purpose?
  4. Are you connected (karmically, with regard to Purpose) to me, to the baby Daddy, or both?

If you do this, really listen with an open mind and heart.

You can then share your own Purpose, your vision for your life. You can make sure this soul knows about your dreams and plans. You can assert that this relationship, should you proceed, will be a co-creation.

If after this exchange of love and communication. After you have really received and understood to the best of your ability what this is all about, you can choose to commit to this soul 100%, or you can give your gratitude, ask this soul to honor your free will and that you are not willing to proceed, asking it to please leave.

There is a lot more to share and discuss on this topic. And this process may not be enough. However, this is a piece for you to consider, to get you started.

Consider your pregnancy a miracle and invoke your Soul and Greater Consciousness, as well as the souls of all involved and ask for the highest outcomes for all. Know that this experience is sacred and that you can choose to navigate it consciously, with love and deep respect for yourself and all involved.

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